Tuesday, September 16, 2014


A little while ago I was a package from some kind people containing the TanOrganic self-tanning kit. I'd put off testing it out as I am not a self-tanning aficionado and I needed to prep myself psychologically for the process I was about to put myself through.

Turns out it was relatively easy and painless. Ok totally painless. Although my experience wasn't completely without flaws, it was easily the "best" self-tanning one I have had.
What they say:

TanOrganic is the world’s first Eco-certified organic self-tanning brand, made with natural ingredients. Unlike most other fake tans, our tan contains no parabens, synthetic or drying agents that are harsh on your skin and leave it flaky and streaky at best. TanOrganic has just won an Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible Award and will be the first self-tan that they have ever featured in this prestigious publication. 

They also boast the "perfect fade".

What I say:

TanOrganic is really easy to apply with the spongey little mitt they give and the exfoliating mitt does a good and proper job in prepping the skin. The first time I used the tester, I applied a thin layer to the skin and wasn't blown away by the colour. There was a slight change but nothing major. The second time (about a month later), I was a little heavy handed and loved the colour but the application was shoddy. I think this is a problem with all self tanners. Even though I am no pro at applying self tan, this product is in no way streak free. You still need to be super careful with how you apply it and watch the problem areas like feet, hands and knees.

The super good thing? No smell. Well, none of the usual self-tan smells. One client even commented on my tan and when I mentioned it to her, she was surprised that she couldn't still smell it (I had used it the day before.)

The OilArganic multi use dry oil is lovely for moisturising the skin but unfortunately it did nothing to stop the patchy fade I had. As far as I am concerned, this is the only downer but it's something I've experienced with all self-tans so perhaps I'm just a shitty candidate.

Would I use it again:

You betcha. But I'd prefer to try out their TanOrganic Self-tanning oil, which is a bit more gradual and hopefully offers a more even and natural tan. Also, this oil cannot stain clothes or sheets which is something I had to deal with after the self-tanner. It washed out, thank goodness.

As a self-tan rookie, this brand didn't convert me but if I was going to use a self-tan this would be it. I love the fact that it's organic and the colour is really great. Seriously, one model even asked why I was still tanned from Thailand. I just need to work on the application, I guess ;)

If you are a regular self-tanner, I would recommend using this. It's gentle on the skin and gives a lovely colour.

[Disclaimer: I do not "sell" reviews on my blog and I don't copy and paste from press releases. If I'm interested in a product, I test it and give an honest review. I don't hold a review back if it's bad to help the company save face. My reviews are based on my opinions and experiences.]

Friday, August 22, 2014


I really enjoy working with actors and characters.  Bryon was certainly no exception! He is such a sweetie and a bit of a looker, right? ;)

This is one of my favourite portrait series and my one gun even made an appearance!

Photographer: Vaughan Treyvellan
Grooming: Candice Mac Nicol

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Oh guys, Charissa is such a beauty. And she just so happens to be an amazing person too. Obvs. I've wanted to shoot with her to aaaaaaages and being the absolute sweetie that she is, she agreed to shoot with us after she had spent a full day on another shoot already. I know right? The full package.

So off we went to the streets of Cape Town and Charissa started to literally stop traffic.

Photographer: Vaughan Treyvellan
Makeup & Hair: Candice Mac Nicol
Model: Charissa from Ice Models

Monday, August 18, 2014


At the beginning of the year, I had the pleasure of going on a little road trip with some very good looking and very talented people. This editorial is the result of this trip.

Remco is an amazing guy. There's only one other person I know with this much passion and knowledge for what he does, and I'm related to him. Remco's been in the industry for a while and he's super clued up with what's going on and how to market oneself. He's easily one of the nicest people I've ever met and I cheekily think of him as a good friend ;)

At first I was incredibly intimidated to be working with him, but he's so relaxed and open to collaboration, that my insecurities quickly faded away.

It was not only a pleasure to shoot with Remco again, but it was a privilege to spend time with him and his loved ones away from the bustle of the city and just talk, drink wine and tell stories.

Photographer: Vaughan Treyvellan
Grooming: Candice Mac Nicol
Styling: Daniella Capriati
Model: Remco from Ice Models

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Ladies and gentlemen, my mini debut as a director....

Photographer: Vaughan Treyvellan
Makeup & Hair: Candice Mac Nicol


How hot is this shoot with Lee-Ann Roberts?! I had the immense pleasure of shooting with Jacques Weyers for a commercial client recently and we piggy-backed this little shoot onto his Durban trip ;)

Daniella Capriati styled and I just love how laid back and sexy this shoot is! We shot in Thompsons Bay and started early in the morning to get the beautiful morning light.

I wanted to keep the makeup look simple and a little sultry; a lot of Lee-Ann's work is very sexy and very smokey. I kept her skin as dewy and flawless as possible, bronzed up her bod and let her hair stay loose and tousled.

Saturday, June 14, 2014


I've had the pleasure of being one of the MUA's working on this series with Vaughan. Every shoot that he can, he steals the model for a quick portrait shot in a white T of their choice. This series is more focused on the models' personality, which is so interesting to witness on set....how the person chooses to portray themselves, how relaxed they are in front of the camera and then of course, the ones that blow you away in front of the camera.

Often I get schooled on set about judging a person before they step in front of the camera. One thing is for certain - people will always surprise you!

In Cape Town earlier this year, we contacted a bunch of agencies and organised a couple days in which we only shot for the portrait series. The makeup look is always natural, so it's easy-ish to do but JEEZ did I do a lot of faces!

I must thank all the agencies and models who took part in this series and were so accommodating with their time and gracious with their help. It means so much to both Vaughan and I that we have your incredible support and friendship!

All photos by Vaughan Treyvellan and all makeup/grooming by me. For full model credits, please visit here.